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City Wide Cleaning Services, headquartered in Santee, CA, provides commercial grade cleaning services to residential complexes, commercial buildings, office buildings, retail spaces, schools, event spaces, government facilities, and even hospitals. We are committed to eliminating more germs with better service, leading to a healthier San Diego for everyone. By leveraging the latest cutting-edge cleaning technologies like UV-C in tandem with superior client service, you’ll experience unmatched cleaning services.

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City Wide Cleaning Services is proud to be a subsidiary of City Wide Group Of Companies, Inc. a holding company that owns multiple businesses, as well as a property investment company located in San Diego, California. Founded by Hojjat Tom Tamar, Lukas Zareba, and Sam Malik, the City Wide leadership team is committed to providing San Diego with world-class service in cleaning, security services, and other property investment endeavors. Another subsidiary of CWGOC, besides City Wide Cleaning Services (CWCS), is City Wide Protection Services (CWPS).


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