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    Skyscrapers are a beautiful and necessary element of many cityscapes. Skyscrapers will be required to optimize vertical space as the world’s urban population continues to expand. Skyscrapers offer the skyline an exquisite image with their walls of dazzling glass windows, but those windows don’t keep sparkling on their own. Rain, snow, pollution, salt spray, dust, trash, bird droppings, and other factors combine to obscure the windows of a skyscraper. Fortunately, High-rise window washing San Diego businesses are on the job to restore them to their former glory. Want to know how a High-rise window washing San Diego company can help you? Read on to find out.

    How often should windows be washed?

    The answer to this question is contingent on several things. The sort of business in the building, the surrounding environment, the amount of foot traffic the building receives, and whether or not people are allowed to smoke inside all play a role in the quality of a skyscraper’s windows.

    If a building is in a clean, non-smoking office environment and is located on a clean side street, it will likely require less frequent window cleaning. If the building houses industrial or medical operations, receives a lot of foot traffic, is located on a busy street or near a large body of water, or is subjected to smog or numerous avian visitation, the windows will require more frequent attention from your High-rise window washing San Diego company.

    How long does skyscraper window cleaning take?

    The answer to this question, too, is contingent on several factors. The size of the building, the number of windows it has, and how dirty the windows are can all make a difference.

    A typical 50-story building would take 30 to 40 days to clean in its entirety, according to a professional window cleaner contacted by the New York Times. The Empire State Building, on the other hand, takes six men four months to clean all 102 floors – and then the High-rise window washing San Diego will have to start all over again.

    What kind of tools do High-rise window washing San Diego companies use?

    • Bucket: A skyscraper window cleaner’s bucket often contains water combined with dish soap or hand soap. For heavy-duty operations, the window cleaner may add ammonia.
    • Glass scraper: Use the glass scraper to remove caked-on dirt and grime from windows.
    • Sponge or T-Bar wand: Window cleaners use a sponge or a T-bar wand to wet the window with soapy water.
    • Squeegee: Window cleaners use squeegees to wash away the unclean water and leave a streak-free window behind.
    • Towels or rags: Towels and rags are handy for a quick final polish.
    • Spare scraper and squeegee blades: The metal and rubber blades of the scraper and squeegee wear out over time, so having some spares on hand is a good idea.
    • Movable Platform: A high-rise window cleaning platform, similar to the fixed scaffolds used for lower buildings, provides a sturdy platform for the window cleaner to stand while cleaning high-height windows. When it’s time to travel down to the next story, however, a pulley system of ropes lowers the platform.
    • Bosun’s Chair: Window cleaners generally utilize a Bosun’s chair if they are not standing on a mobile platform. When the cleaner needs to descend to the next floor, a Bosun’s chair is a little platform attached to a pulley that can lower it. Window cleaners frequently hang their buckets on hooks on the bottom of the Bosun’s chair.
    • Safety Belt or Harness: Window cleaner safety belts or harnesses are essential for window cleaners who work on a platform. If the platform falls, the window cleaner is safely suspended in the air thanks to the safety strap that hooks to the structure.
    • Protective Gloves: Window cleaning is a nasty affair, and the rain and snow make it dirtier. Gloves with a protective coating are essential, especially in the winter when moist hands can quickly freeze. Frostbite can be caused by cold hands, and they can make the window climber less nimble and dangerous.

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