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What’s Different About Our Services?

City Wide Cleaning Service leverages the latest cleaning technology to leave rooms cleaner than ever, all without the use of toxic chemicals that damage our environment- and ourselves. We focus on providing the perfect balance of “green" cleaning solutions while upholding the highest sanitation standards for apartment complexes and businesses alike. In fact, we are one of the only San Diego commercial cleaning companies to use the most advanced UV-C technology to completely disinfect all types of spaces, resulting in a truly Cleaner Clean!

We Use The Latest UV-C Cleaning Technology!

Did You Know?

Manually cleaning a residential or commercial environment removes, at most, 50% of microbials, pathogens, viruses, and spores that may cause disease.

What is UV-C Light?

UV-C light is germicidal, meaning that specific wavelengths of UV light that are harmless to humans kill germs, leaving your room cleaner than ever!

How does it work?

UV-C light deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens. In fact, when harmful germs and pathogens try to reproduce after exposure to UV-C light, they die!

Is UV Tech Safe?

The space that the UV light was used in has no residues or harmful vapors or ozone. It is left completely safe for humans and pet companions.

Our Residential Cleaning Services Include:


City Wide Cleaning Services offers multiple services for your home. CWCS focuses on cleaning every aspect of all rooms. Our Residential Cleaning Services include dusting window sills, baseboards, blinds, and ceiling fans. Hard floors will be vacuumed and mopped, while carpets will be vacuumed. The walls, doors and door frames will become spot-free. All mirrors will be cleaned and all cobwebs will be removed. CWCS residential cleaning uses UV-C technology that is safe for you and your pets to kill all bacteria and viruses.


CWCS understands that most messes are made in the kitchen. Every appliance and space is cleaned to ensure that it is left spotless. Kitchen cleaning services include cleaning the sink, the counter, the cabinet doors and the inside the cabinets. The stovetop, the microwave, both the inside and outside of the refrigerator, the oven, and the broiler will be cleaned thoroughly. We polish all the chrome fixtures and sanitize all the surfaces. And of course, UV-C disinfection is offered for the kitchen as well.


Bathroom cleaning services include cleaning the bathtub, shower and toilet. The sink and counter will also be cleaned, and all surfaces will be sanitized. Cabinet doors and inside the cabinets will be cleaned as well. Lastly, CWCS will polish the chrome fixtures and use UV-C disinfection.


Windows throughout your home will be cleaned. These services include washing the inside of the glass, cleaning the window tracks, cleaning the inside and outside of the sills and cleaning the window seals.


City Wide Cleaning Services offers services for commercial spaces as well. Office cleaning details include cleaning and sanitizing: desks, tables, kitchenettes, bathrooms, glass tables, and mirrors. Shelves, windowsills and blinds will be dusted. Hard floors will be swept, vacuumed and mopped. Carpets and furniture will be vacuumed. Commercial cleaning services also include emptying and relining trash cans and restocking supplies. UV-C disinfection is offered for commercial areas as well.

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