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Cleaning Your Rental Properties the Right Way

Cleaning Your Rental Properties the Right Way

You know the importance of maintaining your rental properties, especially during these major health and cleanliness-conscious times.  No matter what type of facility you own and rent out, if you are responsible for its cleanliness, you owe it to yourself and your valued tenants to ensure your rental properties are cleaned the right way.

Knowing Where to Clean

We’ve all become acutely aware of the need for attention to detail in cleaning lately.  The pandemic has brought into sharp focus that germs, for example, are an unwanted and unneeded complication, and indeed a hazard, for any type of building occupant.  Cleaning services, therefore, must focus on more than just emptying waste baskets and running vacuum cleaners.  It is now more important than ever to insist that your cleaning service does its very best to eliminate germs wherever possible.  This requires attentive, properly trained personnel, equipped with the right gear.

It also means knowing the potentially risky common elements of a rental unit where germs could easily spread hand to hand.  These include any fixtures or equipment where hand contact, or airborne particulate, from coughing for instance, is possible.  From door handles, to electrical switches, to cabinetry, to desktops, and computers or printers – anywhere germs may be lying in wait.

Knowing How to Clean

Along with identifying the critical areas that require thorough cleaning and disinfection, it’s vitally important to utilize the highest quality and effective cleaning solutions and products.  Commercial-grade cleaning services, such as what we provide, go that extra mile to ensure clean, healthy, and safe rental spaces.  Along with high-performance cleaning and disinfecting products, we also pride ourselves in our attention to proper training.  Staff who clean rental properties must be shown exactly what areas to focus on, what products and equipment to use, and how to use them properly, effectively and safely.  Anything less should be considered unsatisfactory.  After all, you want to keep your valued tenants, clients and the occupants in your rental units satisfied.

Make sure you hire the right cleaners to keep your place looking spick and span for your renters: get a quote today.