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Five Things to Know About Commercial Cleaning

Five Things to Know About Commercial Cleaning

A clean office is essential for making an excellent first impression on your clients. A messy or filthy office sends the message that as a business owner, you are incompetent and careless. Not exactly the image you want to send to potential clients. On the other hand, a clean office shows your clients that you can be trusted with their business. It also creates a welcoming and productive environment for your employees.

What do you need to consider for your commercial cleaning needs above and beyond vacuuming and dusting? Here are a few extra services that a commercial cleaning company like ours can help you with.

Office Cleaning

The first thing you want to make sure is offered by any cleaning company you consider is office cleaning. While a residential cleaning company can offer some of the same services needed for office cleaning, there are others that they won’t be able to provide.

Services like sanitization, emptying and relining garbage cans, restocking supplies, etc., are not typically offered with residential cleaning services. That is why it’s important to look specifically for office cleaning services.

UV-C Disinfecting

In the wake of a global pandemic, providing both your employees and your clients with a safe and healthy environment to conduct their business has become crucial. That’s why you will want to ensure any cleaning company you hire can provide UV-C disinfecting.

UV-C lights use a form of UV ray that is safe for people and animals but deadly for airborne:

  • Germs
  • Pathogens
  • Bacteria

They work by deactivating the DNA of these particles, rendering them harmless to humans and unable to multiply. This service helps you provide a safe and healthy work environment essential to conducting business during a pandemic.

High Rise Window Washing

While they may not always be top of mind, dirty windows are often the first thing a person notices as they approach a building. Even in a high rise, this is evident. Ensure that the cleaning company you select, like our team, can provide high-rise window washing to make an excellent first impression on your clients from the inside out.


While we are talking about the exterior of the building, it’s important to note if a cleaning company provides power washing services. This is crucial to ensure that the facade of your office stays clean and that any exterior or building signs for your business are clean and legible. You don’t want to lose out on business because your clients can’t read your sign, do you?

Carpet Cleaning

While regular vacuuming can go a long way, sometimes there are stubborn odors, stains, and deeply embedded dust and allergens that can negatively impact your air quality. Routine carpet cleanings can help keep the air you, your clients, and employees breathe free of bad smells and airborne pathogens.

If you are looking for a cleaning company to provide these services and more, contact City Wide Cleaning Services today! City Wide has been San Diego’s top commercial cleaning service for over 15 years. Contact us today for a custom quote and experience a whole new level of cleanliness.